Call for Abstract

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Health & Safety, will be organized around the theme “Responsibilities and Modern Input Methods to Reduce Accidents at Workplace ”

Occupational Health-2014 is comprised of 9 tracks and 32 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Occupational Health-2014.

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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  • Track 1-1 Regulatory affairs and interactive risk assessment
  • Track 1-2Infectious diseases
  • Track 1-3Human resources
  • Track 1-4Women Health
  • Track 2-1Child labor laws and initiatives
  • Track 2-2Effects and causes of child labor
  • Track 2-3Migration
  • Track 3-1Physical and Biological stressors
  • Track 3-2 Workplace amenities and first aid
  • Track 3-3Safe work method statements
  • Track 3-4Health and Medical management
  • Track 4-1Building and Structure design
  • Track 4-2Falls prevention
  • Track 4-3Health Effects of Alcohol
  • Track 4-4Ergonomics (Rotator cuff injuries, Tendinitis, Epicondylitis etc.,)
  • Track 5-1 Nano medicine
  • Track 5-2Nano toxicology
  • Track 5-3Environmental impact
  • Track 6-1Environmental epidemiology
  • Track 6-2Epidemiology of aging
  • Track 6-3General epidemiology and methodology
  • Track 6-4Emerging infectious diseases
  • Track 7-1Infectious diseases
  • Track 7-2Hazard communication
  • Track 7-3Explosives
  • Track 7-4Manual handling
  • Track 8-1Industrial hygiene
  • Track 8-2Health and Psychology
  • Track 8-3Safety protection
  • Track 9-1Pesticide exposures & Pollution control
  • Track 9-2Agricultural works
  • Track 9-3Plant maintenance